Fresh Smile

Dental Hygiene Therapy

About This Procedure

This is the gold standard of dental hygiene care. Many people attend a scale and polish by their dentist or hygienist some of whom have varying time restrictions. Our appointment assesses the health of the periodontal (gum) tissue, delivers oxygen to destroy harmful bacteria, detoxes the mouth and removes hard deposits and staining.

Results achieved

Hard deposit and stain removal = Brighter fresher smile

Reduction of bacterial load = Less bleeding and infection

Removal of toxins = Fresher breath

Confidence in social environments


Common Queries Regarding This Procedure

How does it work?

By using ultra-sonic technology, we are able to break up the bacterial cell wall of harmful bacteria and flush out embedded toxins.


Polishing using a safe abrasive paste that helps to remove staining from the surface of the teeth.


Air polishing is a powerful spray of bicarbonate of soda and water that eliminates staining from the teeth more so than polishing. It is amazing for staining in between the teeth.

How long do the results last?

This is required to be repeated every three months.


Bacteria are constantly building up on the teeth and good brushing and flossing will reduce its build up and reduce it becoming toxic. Depending on your home care, your susceptibility to gum disease and habits such as smoking and stain producing foods determines how frequent you need this appointment.

For whom is it suitable?

Everyone with teeth or implants!



Can it be combined with other treatments?

Yes it is a recommended treatment before and after tooth whitening to maintain the results.

It compliments lip volume treatment. Having a bright fresh smile is essential in having the perfect pout.

Is it sore?

No.  People with sensitive teeth often complain a dental hygiene visit is sensitive but we can alter the techniques used to ensure comfort during the procedure.


There is no immediate aftercare but following any oral hygiene advice regarding brushing and cleaning in between the teeth is recommended.

Treatment Price

From £70

A deposit of £25 is required to secure the appointment. We also have our Fresh Face Membership Plan that allows you to benefit by paying monthly along with lots of other member benefits.


If you have any other concerns please visit our page dedicated to client safety.