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The Spa Rasul Mud Experience


Mud Rasul Therapy is perhaps one of the most popular and unique spa treatments for couples, friends and family.
A complete relaxation of Ancient Middle Eastern origin, the Rasul Bath allows the bather to apply natural mineral mud product to the face and body. The warmth of the steam opens the pores and allows the enriched products to enter the body, where it stimulates the blood flow, helps revive the tissue and stimulates the lymphatic system. After approximately 20 minutes the treatment is brought to an end with a warm shower to gently wash away the remaining product.

For complete relaxation and maximum benefit, complete your Rasul experience with a full body massage.

PRICE: £69 per couple. (This experience is self applied and is not carried out by a therapist)





Amazing Day Spa Packages to suit everyone...


All of our luxury Day Spa Packages include full access to our ‘Boutique Thermal Suite Facilities’

A unique, self led journey of relaxation. The ‘Thermal Heat Experience’ draws upon the rejuvenating powers of different heat experiences to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed & revitalised.

You will be supplied with a Robe, slippers and towel on arrival.

Kick back and relax in our Aromatherapy Steam room.

Unwind and de stress in our Dry heat Sauna and Jacuzzi Pool.

Finally relax and recharge in our Deep Relaxation Suite where we have a section of Detox herbal teas and dried fruits for our guests to enjoy.



  • Arrival time

    Arrival is advised 45minutes to 1 hour prior to your treatment starting time to allow time to make use of the spa facilities. If you do not wish to use these facilities please arrive 15minutes prior to your treatment time.

  • Benefits

    Deeply relaxing and balancing Wellness Packages for the Mind, Body & Soul.

    Using guided inhalation and breathing techniques to help slow breathing, releasing stress and anxiety where the mind and body are brought back into balance.

    The following packages are designed to rebalance the body, restore a sense of focus and create inner calm.

  • Reduce Stress

    Gentle exercise – postural exercises can help with muscle tension as well as exercises that will assist with mobility. Yoga is a great option.

    Do breathing exercises to assist with taking in oxygen to your fullest capacity

    Research the possibility of treatment options to assist with stress and other conditions, if necessary.

  • Aftercare

    Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours, as massage is a detoxifying treatment

    Drink plenty of water to assist in the elimination of toxins from the body

    Eat a light diet to assist the detoxification and healing process
    Get plenty of rest. You may feel tired after treatment


If you have any other concerns please visit our page dedicated to client safety.