The temples are the areas at either side of the face just above the corners of the eyes. As we age, we all start to develop a degree of hollowing in this area, some more severe than others, thus leading to an older, bottom heavy looking appearance. By injecting Dermal Filler  into the temples, we can restore lost volume and help balance out facial proportions and imbalances, creating a more youthful look. It can also help add more structure to  support and anchor the brows, creating a more lifted look.


50 minutes


Instant visible results, full effect 2 weeks post treatment


If any bruising & swelling occur, full recovery could be 4-7 days, depending on individual healing response


That is a personal decision, we recommend you rest at home afterwards


1ml £330


Dermal Filler consists of hyaluronic acid, a substance which exists naturally in the skin. It is a gel-like substance which, when injected into the desired area it can instantly diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and naturally sculpt and shape facial features. 

Results of Dermal Filler tend to last between 6-9 months. Although everyone metabolises the Dermal Filler product differently. Some clients may get longer and others require a repeat treatment sooner. 

It is not suitable when pregnant or breastfeeding.

It is not suitable for people who suffer hypertrophic or keloid scarring. 

It is not suitable for people with some auto-immune conditions.

It is not suitable for people with blood coagulation disorders. 

A full medical history and assessment is carried out for every client to ensure suitability for treatment.



Depending on the sensitivity of your skin and any medications (like aspirin, ibuprofen, and other blood thinners) you may be taking, there is the chance of temporary, minor side effects including:

– Mild swelling at or around the injection site
– Mild tenderness, bruising or redness at or around the injection site

All risks and side effects will be discussed in depth with your medical practitioner at your appointment.

Everyone experiences pain differently and has a different pain threshold. With Dermal Filler treatments, we apply a good application of our anaesthetic cream which takes most discomfort away. It can feel uncomfortable at times, but it should not be painful.  

There is always a risk when having Dermal Filler injected, however the biggest risks occur from in experienced injectors with poor knowledge of facial anatomy. Therefore, it is so important to ensure you have treatment carried out in an HIS registered clinic by a medically qualified experienced injector, who can deal with any complications and dissolve the product if necessary. 




Very professional and caring


Kirsten is amazing! I am delighted with the whole experience and the final results, better than expected! The temple filler gave a much smoother and contoured appearance to the upper face and reduced wrinkles around the eyes. Indeed, as after a mini-facelift. Looking years younger. Would definitely be back and will recommend to friends. Thank you Kirsten for a wonderful experience.


Always a quick and pleasant experience whilst being treated by Kirsten. Very knowledgeable and always offering advice on how to keep my skin looking fresh.


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