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There are two types of wrinkles

Wrinkles generally develop in areas where the skin moves and creases. Through years of this action along with changes in the skin, wrinkles worsen and deepen. There are two kinds of wrinkles & there are different considerations to be made for the best treatment of both types of wrinkles.


Dynamic Wrinkles
These are present when muscles are moving.


Static Wrinkles
They are more engrained into the skin and are present all of the time.

What's the problem with wrinkles?

Some people are happy to accept wrinkles or some wrinkles and others want to minimise their appearance.

A lot of patients tell us:

  • They look angry, when in fact are actually happy.
  • They hate seeing pictures of themselves.
  • They hate the white lines they get in the depth of wrinkles in the summer.
  • Make-up tends to stick into the wrinkles, actually highlighting them.

Treatment Options

There are many treatments available for wrinkle correction.

Depending on the type of wrinkle and where it is on the face, dynamic wrinkles are typically treated with toxin (anti-wrinkle injections) and deeper static wrinkles are typically treated with a combination of toxin and dermal filler. On top of that some form of anti-ageing programme would be indicated.