Concerns we treat

Unwanted Hair

We are designed to have billions of hairs on practically every square inch of our body. Some people have more hair than others and are constantly shaving, waxing and epilating to control hair growth.

Problems it creates

It is a constant battle to control hair growth and it creates many problems:

  • Daily task of shaving
  • Shaving bumps and rashes
  • Bristles from regrowth
  • Cutting and traumatising the skin from using a razor
  • Pain from epilating and waxing
  • Growing hairs to enable waxing and epilating
  • Ingrown hairs as a result of waxing and epilating
Shaving Rash
Infected Ingrown Hairs
Shaving Rash in Bikini

What is the solution?

Laser hair removal is an amazing solution to get rid of unwanted hairs. To understand how it works you need to understand how the hair grows.

There are 4 stages of hair growth and hair which is targeted at the anagen phase (fully grown hair attached to the follicle) will be permanently destroyed. The laser light has an affinity for dark pigment in the hair and so it works best on dark hair. The light and heat energy drives down the hair shaft and stops where the hair ends. If you look at the hair growth diagram, it is clear to see the different points at which the energy could stop.

Only when the energy reaches the hair bulb does it permanently destroy this hair follicle resulting in no more hairs growing. If the hair isn’t attached to the hair bulb and is growing out, another hair is already produced and therefore it will not cause a permanent change in these follicles.

The billions of hairs all over our bodies are constantly going through this cycle, which means, each treatment will destroy approximately 20%-30% of hairs. It is recommended a course of 6-8 treatments will be required to obtain a good result.