Concerns we treat

Unwanted Fat Deposits

It is very common to have excess fat on our bodies. Sometimes even with the best diet and exercise regime, fat still remains in certain areas. These stubborn pockets that don't budge with diet and exercise can be very frustrating.

It is possible to rid the body of unwanted fat and sculpt areas without the need for surgery. At the same time we have to be realistic on how much fat can be removed and how much sculpting can be done.

Non-surgical body sculpting treatments are not suitable for obese weights (20% higher than it should be). It is for bulges and pockets of fat that are difficult to shift. This is also not an alternative to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Unwanted pockets of fat on the body can lead to:

  • Loss of confidence
  • Choosing clothes to always cover the area
  • Feeling uncomfortable naked
  • It can be seen as ageing

Aims of treatment

The aim of fat removal is to reduce the fat cells in the site treated so that it sculpts the site. Depending on the size of the area to be treated will determine if the best treatment is fat freezing or cavitation fat reduction.

Treatments we offer

When fat cells are destroyed, the number of fat receptor cells in the area is reduced.  It is therefore unlikely that fat will be stored there in future. Overeating, however, will always allow the body to produce more storage fat cells.