How long does 3D Lipo take?

When you are considering 3D Lipo treatments, it is important that you understand all the commitments you need to make. Everyone is busy and our time is precious, so knowing how long the treatments will take and knowing how long before the results will be noticeable are very important matters.

There are different treatments and technologies as part of the 3D Lipo portfolio and of course, our bodies are very different and so in this blog, we are going to help you get an answer to:

Time you will need to allow in your schedule
Time to expect the results.

Fat Freezing

This is the most popular and widely known 3D Lipo treatment. There are two devices; 3D Lipo and 3D LipoMed.   3D LipoMed is a medical device and the functions are more powerful. This is important to know regarding time because 3D LipoMed can treat 2 areas at the same time.

Fat freezing is also known cryolipolysis and is a non–surgical method to destroy fat cells. This treatment is ideal for pockets of fat no larger than a hand size. The actual treatment time is around 45 minutes and so allowing approximately 1 hour of your time would be ideal.

Depending on the body size and shape it is not always possible to attach 2 applicators at the same time (If having 2 areas treated) and you have to be aware that an additional appointment may be required.

If you are having multiple areas treated, you could have them completed within the same appointment, and as a general rule, you would be 45 minutes for every additional area.

20-40% of the fat cells are targeted and the body slowly removes them naturally, just as it removes thousands of dead cells every day. This process could take up to 16 weeks to be completed although most people do see a change beginning within 4 weeks.

If you want a better result, a repeated treatment could be carried out after 6 months of the original treatment with all of the timings as above.

This is great for busy people who have that stubborn area that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Cavitation Fat Removal

This is for fat removal from larger areas (larger than a hand size of fat) and is completed in courses.  This technology uses sound waves, which causes the fat cells to implode, spilling their contents into the interstitial tissue. The fat is divided into fatty acids and glycerol and is transported to the liver where it is processed as waste.

This treatment must be completed in courses and a minimum of 8 is required. The treatments themselves take around 40 minutes to complete and that is the maximum time that can be spent on the body per week.   This means that a course of 8 treatments work over 8 weeks where you would need to commit to 1 hour per week from your schedule.

Regarding the results, there is no waiting time with this because about 0.5cm of fat is targeted at each treatment and a difference with measurements can be noticed instantly although ultimately are seen gradually throughout the course.

Depending on the size of the area treated, some people wish to continue with weekly treatments to enhance the result, often combining with other therapies such as skin tightening or cellulite treatments for the ultimate sculpt and shape.

RF Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is carried out using radio-frequency (RF) energies and is suitable for all skin types. As the skin ages, it becomes looser.  Areas that have been overstretched such as the abdomen in pregnant ladies or in any area where the skin has been under pressure through weight changes will show more signs of saggy looser skin.  This treatment targets the collagen and elastin fibres and bulk heat them to create a tightening of the fibres in the skin, thus creating a lifting and shrinking effect in the treated area.

Similar to cavitation fat removal this treatment takes around 1 hour to complete and is carried out in courses of 8 treatments. The skin quality and age of the skin will determine when results are noticeable. Some people report an improvement in their skin quality and tightness after a few treatments whereas with others it may be towards the end of the course that a difference can be noticed. Older skin types may opt to continue the treatments at weekly intervals or move to a maintenance programme every month or so.

Cellulite 3D dermology

This technology uses a vacuum roller called Dermology and combines it with RF as described above. By rolling over the skin many times and in different directions, the treatment causes the connective tissue ( which stores fat in the skin) to tear. The stimulation and damage to the connective tissue trigger the body to repair it thus gaining better quality connective tissue to store the fat.

This treatment is essentially stimulating the cells in your connective tissue to repair. The level of repair will differ between individuals depending on factors such as age, genetics, extent of the problem etc. It also encourages healthy blood flow and stimulates lymphatic drainage, which helps to remove toxins etc.

This treatment usually takes around 40-60 minutes per treatment and is completed in a course of around four, at weekly intervals.

The results are two-fold:

  1. Immediate results can be seen due to the stimulation in the skin, lymphatic drainage and superficial fat removal and fat melting.
  2. Gradual result because it is relying on the body to repair the connective tissue which can take a few weeks after each treatment.

The body itself is always changing and if you are genetically prone to cellulite, you might want to consider periodic treatments to maintain the results


3D LipoMed can take less time to complete treatments compared to the 3D Lipo device. With 3D LipoMed, typical treatment times are around 1 hour and courses of treatments last around 8 weeks. 8 to 16 weeks is a typical timescale to see the results of 3D LipoMed treatments. If you are serious about investing time and money into these treatments make sure you are invested in a relatively healthy lifestyle. Make sure this is a good use of your time and money!