A clients journey – correcting malar grooves

Getting my Groove back

Malar Grooves – fat pads to you and I.

Finally, I had a name and an explanation for the deep set lines that have plagued me since my teens.

I have been going to Elaine and the fabulous girls at Fresh Inc for many years.  The Clinic and its reputation is first class and there is no-one else I would trust with my skincare.  Elaine sorted my skin after a period of stress which came out as acne across my face. It was around that time, stress had taken its toll and I looked tired, gaunt and I had aged overnight.  I opted for a little botox, and I felt amazing. I debated whether to share my experience and allow people to know I have “help” but you know  I am happy and I want to prevent the ageing process for as long as I can. Yes, I have botox and now as I head into my 40th year, I opted for fillers. We all have fat pads but the cause of my deep inset lines was that mine had split – typical that I can’t keep my fat together!

Getting Started

After an initial consultation with Angie, who talked me through everything – I booked an appointment the next day – no time to think or change my mind. Angie and Lisa were brilliant, I was very apprehensive but they reassured me what was happening every step of the way. I opted for 1ml initially to plump out my cheeks,  with the guidance of Angie and Lisa, I opted for a further 1ml to contour and define my cheekbones.  The whole treatment took around an hour but I was instantly delighted with the results. I was tender and slightly swollen but this settled after 48hrs.  I had the inevitable wind up from my husband but I am delighted with the result and he agrees it looks good. My lines are softer and not nearly as noticeable, my cheekbones are defined and I feel good.  

My advice to anyone considering injectables or anything which makes you feel better about yourself is to go for it and Fresh inc is my ‘go to clinic’ for any advice and treatments.

Gail Robertson